Weather Station Status

This website uses Meteohub (5.0s b180 - Raspberry PI Model 3) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 07/04/2020 01:10.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
07/04/2020 01:13
Meteohub realtime NOT Current 0:01:32 > 0:01:30
07/04/2020 01:12
Meteohub FTP Current 0:03:10 07/04/2020 01:10
Meteohub weather data Current 0:03:34 07/04/2020 01:10

Status Updates

Feb 2020 - we are looking to change hosting provider. So some interruption is to be expected.

Sept 2019 - the Vantage Vue board had to be completely replaced due to a fault with wind and rain readings no longer working. Thanks to Prodata Weather for their assistance.


Sept 2019 - Replacement board installed to Vantage Vue - resolved issues with no wind or rain readings.

Jan 2019 - Battery replaced again and 24 hour data has resumed. Old battery faulty. Website scripts updated. Webcam page removed. Site now using HTTPS by default.

Sept 2018 - Battery Replaced in Vantage Vue unit.

Jan 2016 - Upgraded to Pi 2 and 16gb Storage

Dec 2015 - Added Weather Display Live to website

May 2015 - Weather Cam went live.

May 2015 - Website Revamped with increased data and Wunderground archives.

May 2015 - Meteohub replaced Weewx as the software to process data.

Jan 2015 - Davis Vantage Vue installed. Twitter updates ended.

June 2013 - Bridgend Weather launched